About Us

Computer Geeks is a company dedicated to providing customers with speedy and affordable IT support as well as access to the latest and greatest IT products on the market. Our team of experts work around the clock throughout various parts of the globe to ensure all your IT needs are covered, customer service and satisfaction is our core ethos and we strive to be a leader in the IT world when it comes to that.

We are specialized in handling all kinds of IT related issues, be it assisting a home user with their buggy printer or setting up a network for a full-sized company, we are more than prepared to tackle any challenge. Beyond handling existing issues, we are also partnered with many of the leading manufacturers in IT and a vast array of hardware and software products to suite any customer’s needs. Be it support or products you seek, our friendly team of consultants will ensure you find exactly what you are looking for at the price you are looking for, any time you need.

Why Choose Us?

Guaranteed Results

When you task us with supporting you in solving an issue, we will not charge you a cent until the job is done. Even after the job is done, if our fix has any unforeseen side effects or doesn’t hold up, we will work to ensure everything is resolved at no additional expense to you. We also stand by the products we sell and offer an in-house guarantee, in addition to the manufacturer warranty, where should a product you purchase from us turn out to be defective, we will replace it within one year of purchase at no extra charge.

Affordable and fair pricing

Ever been charged for a full hour for a job that only took 10 minutes to complete? It is frustrating and unfortunately a practice all too common in the IT industry. We promise to always give your fair pricing directly tied to the work we put in and never take advantage of you like some competitors. Additionally, we will provide free estimates so you can decide beforehand if the issue you are looking to fix is worth the cost.

Diverse range of Products

We are constantly ensuring our products catalog is up to date with the latest and most sought-after IT hardware and software on the market. From notebooks and workstations to routers and printers we have it all covered with products from industry leading brands that you can trust. If you aren’t sure about what your exact product needs will be, our consultants are more than happy to connect with you and help determine the best fit for you.

Friendly, professional, and always available

Our team of specialists are not only on call 24/7 to accommodate you at any time you need. They will always assist you with complete transparency and respect. Whether you are novice user or an IT specialist yourself with decades of experience, we ensure to communicate all matters in a way that ensures your understanding of the full scope of the task at hand and the best means to resolve it. We were not born with advanced knowledge of all things IT and we fully understand how daunting it can be to deal with tech issues when you don’t have the training to deal with them yourself, so we are more than happy to shoulder that burden for you and provide you with a stress free service yielding the results you seek.


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