Computer Geeks in Association with Western Digital

Computer Geeks is a proud partner with Western Digital (WD). We carry an extensive range of WD products such as harddisk, SSD and many more. Our consultants are more than prepared to provide you with all the information and support you need for WD products.

Established in the year 1970, Western Digital is a renowned name in portable external hard drives, Cloud and NAS Storage products. With our combined efforts we aim to target the E-commerce and B2B businesses. Western Digital is one of the largest HD drive manufacturers across the globe. With technology growing at a fast pace, the data is increasing even faster and considering this, Western Digital aims to create the best environment data thriving.

We believe in strong values quality products and services. Western Digital comes with good experience in electronics history along with storage products and thus offers the best solutions in both the fields. With our capacity to handle 15000 units in a month, we have the vision to maintain Western Digital Dubai as the number 1 and the most preferred brand.