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Why Computer Geeks for Structured Cabling?

Having a solid Network Cabling framework is a fundamental piece of any association in light of the fact that coming up short on the appropriate organization can prompt the destruction of the whole association. To be straightforward, an organization is the base of an undertaking as it holds the ability to associate unclear associations between PCs or a framework. Henceforth strong organization cabling is appreciated and that is why Computer Geeks expert consultants can help you isolate such solutions to ensure smooth and stable structure.

Experienced Network Support Beyond simple tree architecture, as network size grows.

With our oversaw network uphold you get a full branch of mastery for a small amount of the expense of a solitary in-house IT asset.

Reduced Costs

It is more financially savvy to re-appropriate organization backing and the executives rather than recruiting an in house group with the correct abilities

The information and ability of our specialized group guarantees that any organization issue, enormous or little is immediately set out to limit business sway

Solutions with Computer Geeks

  • Managed IT Support
  • Server Setup & Support
  • IP Telephony Setup & Support
  • Network Switch Setup & Support
  • Optical Fibre Splicing & Support

Products with Computer Geeks

  • Cables & Connectors
  • Racks & Switches
  • Workstations & Servers
  • Unintruppted Power Supplies

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Installations of Network Points

Protect your Privacy.
& Restore Confidence.

Envision All Your Network and Data Circuits

From start to finish, record and see each hub in your information circuits to recognize single purposes of disappointment and lessening investigating time.

Evaluate Twice Cut Once

Measure more precisely to ensure correct distance from the switch to the end point following the low current tray layouts.

Power & Network

Consequently approve actual associations and media type. Select any link association and get a total perspective on the circuit from source to end. Outwardly track link plant to improve investigating and upkeep.

Computer Geeks Overview

Substancial Felxibility

Our arrangements are designed to give incredible adaptability and convenience throughout significant stretches of time. Adding or eliminating bits of equipment will stop to be an obstacle for you!

Qualified Experts for Support

An administration is just comparable to its suppliers and accordingly, we utilize just the top and actually solid specialists to assist you with your cabling necessities.

Cabling & Maintenance

We don't simply introduce cabling frameworks, we additionally give you backing and administration to guarantee that they are in top working request and work effectively also.

Plan and Installation

We are included right from the conceptualization of the design to its perfection to guarantee that everything works out as expected and is in appropriate working request!

Troubleshooting & Testing

We offer total testing and investigating of any issues that may come up following establishment or even after an extensive stretch of utilization since we know our arrangements best.

Voice, Data & Multimedia Cabling

We comprehend that lone content isn't adequate to impart extraordinary thoughts. That is the reason we offer voice, information and mixed media cabling arrangements also!

Technical Details

Six Subsystems of Structured Cabling

  • Horizontal Cabling
  • Backbone Cabling
  • Work Area
  • Telecommunications Closet (Room & Enclosure)
  • Equipment Room
  • Entrance Facility

Basic Construction of a Fiber Optic Cable

  • Core
  • Cladding
  • Coating
  • Strengthening fibers
  • Cable jacket


  • Network Workstations
  • Network Interface Cards and Drivers
  • Shared Hardware Resources
  • Networking Operating System (OS)
  • Network-Aware Programs

Fiber Optic Splicing Component

Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Fiber optic join conclusion is typically utilized with open air fiber optic links; they give space to the open air fiber optic links to be grafted together. The fiber optic graft terminations and the fiber plate inside will ensure the grafted fiber and the joint pieces of the open air fiber links. For the most part the fiber optic join terminations are vault type and even sorts. Flat join terminations are more utilized.

Fiber Optic Splice Tray

Our fiber optic join plate are made of ABS, light in weight and is RoHS agreeable. It mostly is utilized for optical fiber stockpiling and fiber optic combination insurance, simple to work and easy to introduce and uninstall. The fiber graft plate are stackable and can be mounted utilizing two #6 screws; they can be utilized one on top of another to frame a layer structure inside the fiber optic fenced in areas.

Fiber Splice Protection Sleeves

Fiber optic graft sleeves are utilized on fiber glass joint point during the fiber optic combination work, typically is after the filaments are dissolve, individuals utilize this graft assurance tube on the soften point for additional security, its reinforce part inside the cylinder will make the fiber joint point more grounded and it give additional insurance to the fiber joint point after the fiber optic combination it is waterproof and residue confirmation, and utilizing such join insurance sleeves can decrease conceivable additional lessenings.

Fiber Optic Termination Box

FTTH Fiber optic end box by and large allude to the case shape fiber optic administration items used to secure and disperse the optical fiber interfaces in FTTH Network. Typically the fiber optic box incorporates the fiber optical fix boards and fiber optic terminal box. Fiber optic fix board is greater size, fiber optic end box is more modest. In reality there are such a large number of fiber optic boxes and fiber the board gadgets, they are difficult to tally the sorts, numerous producers will make the fiber optic boxes as per their own plan and they may give the fiber optic boxes various names and model numbers.

Optical Distribution Frame

Optical dispersion outline is a fiber optic administration unit used to arrange the fiber optic link associations. The optic conveyance outline is normally utilized indoor and the ODF could be enormous size casing or little size comparable like the fix board boxes. We offer the fiber optical conveyance outline with 1U 12 ports type, 1U 24 ports, 2U 36ports, 3U 48 ports and 4U 72 ports and 5U 96 ports types. These optical conveyance outlines are made of cold-moved steel sheets and it is with legitimate structure and conveniently looking.

Fiber Optic Patch Panel

Fiber Optic Patch Panel, Fiber Optic Enclosure, Wall Mounted Fiber Optic Patch Panel, Rack Mounted Fiber Optic Patch Panel, SC, ST, FC, LC, E2000.

Fiber optic fix board is an incorporated unit for fiber the executives, we offer divider mounted fiber optic fix board and rack mounted fiber optic fix boards, these gear work is to fix and deal with the fiber optic links inside the case just as give security.

Types of Fiber Optic Cables

Single Mode Fibre

Single mode fiber is the least difficult structure. It contains an exceptionally flimsy center, and all signs travel straight down the center without skipping off the edges. Single mode fiber optic links are ordinarily utilized for CATV, Internet, and phone applications, where the signs are conveyed by single mode filaments wrapped into a group.

Multimode Fibre

Multimode fiber is the other kind of fiber optic link. It is around multiple times bigger than a solitary mode link. The light bars can travel however the center by following a wide range of ways, or in numerous various modes.


Likewise, fiber optic links can be made to conform to industry standard necessities for establishment in air plenums. These are utilized inside structures with unique materials and mixes for jacketing. Called "plenum links," these meet fire and harmfulness necessities in case of fire.

Simplex And Duplex Optical Fiber

Simplex fiber optic link developments contain a solitary strand of glass. Regularly, simplex fiber is utilized where just a solitary send as well as get line is needed between gadgets or when a multiplex information signal is utilized (bi-directional correspondence over a solitary fiber).

A duplex fiber link comprises of two strands of glass or plastic Pre-ended Fiber Optic Assembly Fiber Optic Cable on Crate Reel, with Pre-ended finishes fiber. Ordinarily found in a "zipcord" development design, this link is regularly utilized for duplex correspondence between gadgets where a different communicate and get are required.